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The value of semi-flexible bituminous concrete surfaces

A surface made of DRACOBIT® offers the advantages associated with a perfect blend of the bitumen matrix and cement. DRACOBIT® keeps bituminous concrete layers flexible and increases their tensile strength. Laboratory tests confirm the capacity of this surface type, which boasts both superior resistance to static and dynamic loads. Since it is typically jointless, it also excludes the primary weakness of surfaces: joints stand for the classic trigger for deterioration phenomena in floors exposed to mechanical and chemical stress. Your surface proves stable, even at temperatures ranging from -50° C to +90° C. DRACOBIT® is also suitable for restoring every existing floor because it provides you with a quick and effective solution. Good and quickly can meet at last. DRACOBIT® is very quick to apply. You can access your areas after just 48 hours. In this way you can reduce traffic congestion.



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